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The Movie

The Movie



No kids, no job, no future - life is over before you know it. 

Filmmaker Marko Doringer has decided to go on a very personal mission: he is 30 years old, hasn't achieved anything in life, and has just lost his first molar. Bodily decay has begun, youth is disappearing fast. What else is there in life before it’s all over?

Marko will visit old friends, his parents, and their friends to find out whether they are better off than him. Why does being 30 have to be this hard?

Marko questions the meaning of life with perceptive irony. He relentlessly confronts his protagonists with both the large and small questions of humanity: why is it so difficult accepting the success of others? Why it is so difficult to accept one’s own?

”(Half) The Time Of My Life” is an ironic self-portrait of a whole generation - the happily depressed; a real life version of a coming-of-age novel of our present, and Marko's future.

“best Austrian documentary film 07/08” / Great Prize "Diagonale ‘08"
"best documentary film" / Bolzano Film Festival '09 (Italy)
"best documentary film" / Achtung Berlin Film Festival '09 (Germany)

"This film's a Godsend!" (Der Standard/ Austria)
"Hilarious!" (Der Tagesspiegel/ Germany)
"straight-up and genuine" (kultur online/ Germany)
"...and deftly funny" (ebuco/ Austria)

original title: MEIN HALBES LEBEN
french title: MA DEMI-VIE

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