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Original Quotes_eng

Original Quotes_eng

“Maybe I am hurt by my father's concerns about my life. They make me feel he has no confidence in me.“

“We are all egotists, we're a generation of egotists.“

“Maybe I consist of many little parts that never make up a whole.“

 “I work, I eat, I sleep – that’s it.”


Marko's father
“You can still use your video camera when you're on vacation whilst continuing your studies. Think about it! I'll support you.“

Marko's mother
“Life is an ongoing struggle that never ends.“

Katha's mother
“Our lives used to be structured and clear cut. Everything was safe and secure. What you are all doing nowadays seems to me like a big mess!”

Martin's mother
“We'll tear down the garage, extend the ground floor and put another on top so that Martin can move in with his family.”

Tom's father
“I had already made it by the age of 26!”


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